The way you or your business is portrayed online is the very first impression that people all over the world will get, so it is important to make it a strong and memorable one. An Internet reputation can affect your life and business in more ways than one. Below is a breakdown of the positive and negative effects a good and bad online reputation can have on your business and personal life.

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Look up your name on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Safari and more. From there, you can gain valuable data on the current status of your online reputation. Look at the first couple pages of web results to see if there is anything negative, and also look at the image and video search sections of these browsers to see if there are any unflattering photos or movies of you on the Internet. Make notes of any search results that you would like to see promoted, and of ones you would like to see suppressed.


When it comes to your personal life, a negative online reputation can affect both your present and your future. If incriminating or unsavory content is posted about you online, it is left for the whole world to see. That means your family, friends, significant others and co-workers have instant access to this information, which could make a devastating impact on your current relationships, whether they are professional or personal. As for future relationships, they will surely be more difficult to attain with the bad press. Those currently closest to you may be more understanding of your past than someone who has never met you; and that someone could be a potential employer or significant other.

Meanwhile, the positive impact that a clean online reputation offers comes with the prospect of not missing out on future opportunities. Not only will those chances be open for you, but you may attract even more prospects with a shinier online presence. The Internet is an outstanding networking tool, and with a positive online reputation, that very function will be leveraged in your favor..


A business is even more vulnerable to the consequences of a negative online reputation because a business needs to gain and keep clientele in order to survive. An individual can sometimes benefit from added attention, even when it’s negative; however, in the case of business, bad press is never a good thing. And what’s worse is that there is far more opportunity for a person to attack a business’s reputation than that of an individual. Consumer advocacy sites such as Yelp and others serve as a forum for customers to give fair reviews; however, some non-customers might use these sites for more malicious purposes. Competitors, ex-employees and more can take their grudges to the Internet and write negative reviews under the guise of being customers with little-to-no accountability on their end. These reviews can then be mistaken for genuine, and end up hurting your business.

When it comes to the positive impact a strong online reputation has on a business, it can be compared to strong online marketing efforts. Every time your business’s name is searched, positive content appears that will either draw consumers to your website or physically through your doors. A business ORM campaign is built around the interests of your target markets and helps promote your business through displaying certain levels of expertise on the chosen subject. helps address these issues and more by building strong ORM campaigns for people and businesses. campaigns not only help suppress negative content but also promote positive content that makes you look your best on the Internet.