In 2010, after a night of drinking with a friend, a young woman slipped behind the wheel of her car and drove home. Predictably, she was stopped by the police, booked and charged with driving under the influence. She spent a few hours in jail, pled the charges down to reckless driving and then went on her way with her life. She had a few children, got a new job, broke up with her husband and otherwise cleaned up her life a little bit. Unfortunately, the record of her arrest was still swirling through the internet, and as a result, her life has been changed forever.

This woman is likely known to anyone who browses mugshot websites from time to time. The girl is pretty, and she looks a little bit proud in her photograph. Its just the kind of photograph that works well as a plug for mugshot websites, as its the kind of photograph people might pay to look at. Some people, however, wanted to do more than look.

The photo was pulled off a mugshot website and its become a meme. Now, there are hundreds of tiny captions that cross in front of this girls face, including:

  • Miss demeanor.
  • Crime only carries 3 to 5. Judge gives her a perfect 10.
  • Guilty of stealing my heart.
  • Shes the 10 on the FBIs most wanted list.

Theres even an entire fan page devoted to this person, under her name, and its filled with comments in other languages, as well as some comments in English.

Some of this attention has been somewhat positive. This person, for example, may get an illicit modeling contract out of the mugshot due to the coverage by the Huffington Post, and its likely that she has the opportunity to meet more people and share her natural beauty than she would have ever experienced had she not been photographed by the police. However, some of the attention has been far from positive.

This woman tells her local news station that her mugshot has been publicized with her address, and as a result, shes had random strangers come to her house to meet her. Shes been subject to harassing email messages, repeated Tweets and general stalking. She has little children at home, so this is no small matter. She says, Its scary when people message you talking about coming to your house and what your house looks like. Its getting to the point where its not funny [because] I have four little people to worry about, not just myself.

Not everyone who is photographed in a mugshot can look this good, and its unlikely that all mugshots result in this amount of fame. However, this story demonstrates how quickly a photograph can spread, and how much it can change a life. One little mistake becomes something the person must live with forever, and this isnt something we agree with. If youve been photographed, please contact us. We can get those photos deleted immediately.